Our team works with you through an initial consultation, implementation, and final deployment

Initial Consultation

It starts with understanding your existing networks and assessing your current and future requirements. It results in the presentation, discussion and proof of a reliable performance-oriented design.


From sourcing the right equipment and staging it, to testing the final configuration and getting your approval, it's geared to be thorough and worry-free.


Key personnel are engaged, devices are configured within the parameters of the design and connectivity is tested before it's all handed off to you.

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A range of comprehensive training programs geared to OT professionals, delivered in-person or remotely.

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Resident Engineer

Give your network communications instant subject matter expertise to stay up-to-date and for informed troubleshooting.

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Support Services

A range of comprehensive training programs geared to OT professionals, delivered in-person or remotely.

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what our clients say

Thank you again for working with us to enable this functionality on a one‐off situation. Your willingness to develop a new version of the iDMS software just to support us is greatly appreciated and shows that iS5Com is willing and able to go above and beyond the status quo. Please extend our appreciated thanks to all of your team who assisted in this development.

Travis Phifer, Projects Manager

It was our pleasure to meet with you guys and get excellent information on your company and capabilities! I feel really confident that we'll have an excellent working relationship as we strive to use your products as our standard offering.

Patrick Avery, General Manager, Automation

We, NASMA TELECOMMUNICATIONS LLC, Oman, have installed various models of iS5 Communications Inc. networking devices in our projects and are pleased with their performance and interoperability.

Naresh Pai, Regional Head, Telecom & Security

We had a chance to test the updated switches this morning. It’s a night and day difference. Performance is much better. We’re ready to head out to the field.

Andrew Spurgeon, Manager, Product Management

iS5 provides a solid, hardened product that meets my utilities needs for a very competitive price. Features such as 1000BaseT Ethernet, fiber optic uplink options, POE, secure protocols for administration, standards-based management and solid user interface provide excellent value for the money. So far, all the units have been working perfectly with no issues, some of them have been in place for over a year.

Rett D. Walters, Manager of Information Technology

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