Intelligent Transportation Systems

With military equipment subject to harsh climates, varying temperatures, shock and vibration, defense requirements are mission critical. Today’s defense, aerospace and commercial networks have become a war zone. As military forces and businesses seek to gain a competitive edge through information dominance, a high-speed, highly available and secure network becomes critical to even basic operations. Whether in the battlefield, factory or out in a remote oil rig, modern communication nodes are connecting to high-speed IP networks with Ethernet routers and switches at their core. These networks have to operate in these environments without sacrificing performance.

Keeping Defense networks and systems operational is essential. Systems administrators need to ensure mission critical applications and networks are effectively managed at all times. Any downtime must be minimised so as not to affect user access.

Defense systems of the not too distant future will carry a range of devices that will generate and receive more and more data, establishing a single information environment for the transparent flow of information.

Regardless of the platform used, wired Ethernet is the key component that ties everything together.