Nov 16, 2017 – iS5 Communications Inc. selects NXP to power innovative RAPTOR™ Cybersecure Industrial Platform.


iS5 Communications Inc. selects NXP to power innovative RAPTOR™ Cybersecure Industrial Platform.

Mississauga, Ontario – November 15, 2017 – iS5 Communications Inc. (“iS5Com”) today announced that it has selected NXP as a strategic vendor for their latest product release –RAPTOR™.

“We have selected NXP as the core architecture for our Raptor platform for mission critical applications. NXP’s QorIQ® secure communications processor product lines fit extremely well into our architecture and security framework”, said Yuri Luskind, CTO of iS5Com. “This relationship brings enhanced security features into our revolutionary Raptor platform that redefines the way mission critical networks are built.”

“NXP is pleased to work with iS5Com as a continuation of our strategy in expanding the QorIQ® platform’s trust architecture into industrial and IoT markets”, said Sam Fuller, director of solutions marketing for NXP. “We are proud to provide the high performance and trusted computing at the core of iS5Com’s Raptor platform.”

RAPTOR™ provides users the ability to connect, secure, and manage their mission critical networks. Its core features enables users to take advantage of Seamless Redundancy (HSR/PRP), third party software applications through its integrated platform, and cryptographic technologies that provide security for SCADA environments. The rise of cyber threats perpetuates the need for advancements in communications technology that protect critical assets in Operational Technology (OT).

RAPTOR™ is the culmination of many years of industry experience, trends in the digital markets, IIoT and Cybersecurity, playing an integral part in the RAPTOR™ design. RAPTOR™ takes into account the latest technologies and innovations with many industry firsts.

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With headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, Thomason Technologies specializes in securing critical infrastructure against internal and external attacks. By combining their unparalleled consulting services and SpyGOOSE software with the latest cybersecurity products, Thomason Tech delivers unprecedented security solutions to even the most environmentally challenging industries. Please visit

About iS5 Communications Inc.

iS5Com is a global provider of integrated services and solutions, and manufacturer of intelligent Industrial Ethernet products. Our products are designed to meet the stringent demand requirements of utility sub-stations, roadside transportation, rail, and industrial applications. iS5Com’s services and products are key enablers of advanced technology implementation such as the Smart Grid, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Intelligent Oil Field, and Internet of Things. All products have the ability to transmit data efficiently without the loss of any packets under harsh environments and EMI conditions. iS5Com is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. For more information on iS5Com, please visit

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