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RAPTOR™ is an Intelligent Cyber Secure Platform running the iBiome OS. The iBiome is an all-encom-passing operating system that supports switching and routing on a single platform. RAPTOR™ has been designed for future scalability. Its modular system of field replaceable modules, hot-swappable power supplies, and its ability to run third party software applications makes it a very flexible platform for today and the future.

RAPTOR™ is available in 4 packages: LAN, MAN, SEC, and ASEC. These packages are designed from basic functionality (LAN) to the advanced security functionality (ASEC). The packages are defined within this document. Customers can upgrade the RAPTOR™ platform from the basic LAN package to any other package without sending the unit back to the manufacturing facility. Switching from L2 / L3 to extended security has never been easier; it’s included in the iBiome.

RAPTOR™ has been specifically designed to protect and secure critical infrastructures in all Smart Cities applications and in the harshest of environments. It is compliant with IEC 61850 Ed. 2, IEEE 1613, and EN50155 standards.

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