The Industrial Market

The demand for oil, gas and precious metals is experiencing a major boom around the world, and the mining, transporting, storing, refining, and exporting these commodities remain an incredibly complicated task. These sophisticated operations require a great deal of industrial automation, and industrial Ethernet solutions can play an important role. With a good automation system in place, appropriate action can be taken immediately if an emergency arises. Industrial Ethernet is now used as the communication backbone for monitoring systems used in oil exploration and mining. Ethernet is used to connect monitoring devices such as PLCs and sensors to the HMI/SCADA system, which is located in a central control room, to transmit essential device data including speed, temperature, pressure, flow speed, flow density, and other statistics for analysis or alerts.

For example, controlling and monitoring site conditions and dynamic changes are mission critical for successful offshore oil exploration. Sophisticated automated monitoring systems ensure that all systems work correctly. The deployment of an IP network for such monitoring and control makes it easier to establish a platform-wide system that connects all monitoring and control systems onto a single common network platform.

Oil and gas installations pose many challenges for operators. Not only are the various plants highly hazardous areas, but the equipment is also complex and may be spread over very large areas. In particular, pipelines are often very long. All this means that industrial networking and control equipment has to be extremely safe and secure, and able to work highly reliably over extended distances. Therefore, all communication and monitoring devices used on an offshore platform, including Ethernet switches, media convertors, routers, gateways, fibre optic cables and other devices, must be capable of withstanding critical ocean environments, including the effects of moisture, vibration, shock, and temperature extremes. In this type of plant, with its hazardous environments, as well as the need for very high reliability, the risk for loss of life and property is at its highest. Properly certified equipment therefore helps to ensure reliable, secure and rapid data transmission.

Typical Application