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iMC2S Rendering

iMC2SIndustrial 2 Ports Ethernet to Fiber Media Converter/ Unmanaged Switch

iMC2S is an industrial grade cost-effective solution for conversion of 10/100Base-T(X) to 100Base- FX or 100Base-X SFP interface which allows extending of communication distance using optical fiber. The media converter supports MDI/MDIX auto detection for 100Base-T(X) interface, so crossover wires are not required. The iMC2S has a wide operating temperature range from -40°C to +85°C, accepts a wide input voltage range, and is suitable for harsh operating environments.

iMC2S supports Link Fault Pass-through (LFP) feature, which is used to solve problems encountered when operating traditional media converters. Such problems occur when one side of the link fails, and the other side still continues to transmit packets while waiting for a response that will never arrive. With LFP, system administrators can notice a link failure within a short period of time, minimizing the loss caused by this problem. A DIP-Switch enables the LFP function, enabling the iMC2S to force a link to shut down immediately when the other link fails, giving the application software a chance to react to the situation.

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