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iES26GF Rendering

iES26GFIntelligent 26 Port Configurable Gigabit Ethernet Switch

iES26GF is an intelligent Ethernet switch designed to withstand the harshest environments of utility substations and rolling stock applications. The iES26GF provides redundancy support through functions such as STP/RSTP/MSTP assuring protection of all mission critical network applications.

iES26GF can be managed via the Web UI, iManage Software Suite, Telnet, and Console (CLI) / SSH v2.

  • IP-based Bandwidth Management—for limiting maximum bandwidth of every IP device and configuring an IP camera and NVR with dedicated bandwidth
    Application-Based QoS—the switch also supports application-based QoS.
  • Application-based QoS can be set with the highest priority for data streaming according to TCP/UDP port number.
  • Device Binding—effectively binds the IP/MAC address of a device connected to the switch port. If the IP/MAC address of the connected device does not match the switch port binding information, the device will be blocked for security; other active network traffic protection and maintenance tools include Alive Check, Stream Check, and DoS/DDoS auto-prevention.

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