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iDS6P-S is a serial device server with 4 isolated RS422/485 serial ports to 2 redundant LAN ports. To ensure integrity and security of critical data, the iDS6P-S offers many powerful redundancy features. The first feature provides protection against failure of an Ethernet LAN port, by automatically switching to another LAN port within 10ms to guarantee delivery via an alternative path.

iDS6P-S also supports an Ethernet switch mode allowing users to daisy chain serial servers reducing the usage of Ethernet switch ports. Another redundancy feature in the iDS6P-S is the simultaneous transfer of data of up to 5 host PC’s. This feature ensures that critical data is sent via alternative Ethernet paths and to multiple host PC’s ensuring data is not compromised by the Ethernet connection or potential host PC failure. With NAT pass through functionality, users are able to manage the iDS6P-S inside or outside the NAT router, making it easy for different IP domain users to use the iDS6P-S. The secondary Ethernet port supports PoE IEEE 802.3af allowing the device to be powered via the Ethernet cable instead of a separate power supply.

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