1. As a general rule, iS5Com will provide 6 months’ End-of-Life (EOL) notification for the obsolescence of select products from its portfolio resulting from an internal review and business decisions. This EOL notification will appear on the iS5Com’s web site at https://is5com.com/support-tools/
  2. Access to iS5Com’s Technical Action Center at support@is5com.com or TOLL FREE at +1 844-475-8324 will be available from 7am to 7pm EST, for a period of 5 years from the End-of-Sale date for hardware. Where a service request is placed after the mentioned hours, an iS5Com Technical Support Consultant will contact you the following business day.
  3. Return Manufacturing Authorization (RMAs) of discontinued products will be repaired and / or replaced with an equivalent or higher-grade product within the warranty period where applicable or for a period of 5 years from the end-of-sale date. Contact the support team at support@is5com.com or call us to complete and submit your repair or replacement request through our Technical Action Center.
  4. For software maintenance support where applicable, iS5Com’s Technical Action Center (TAC) can recommend the latest known GA release for the said EOL product. Any operating system software outside of the last known firmware version will no longer have maintenance or release patches.
  5. All our customers are encouraged to have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with iS5Com. SLAs can be tailored to suit individual needs through standard SLA packages or customized solutions. Contact your Regional Sales Manager regarding fees payable during the EOL period to ensure support through the EOL transition period.
  6. To continue receiving support for the affected EOL products and to ensure network efficiency you may:
    1. For hardware or software that is not covered under an SLA; customers may add the product(s) to a current contract or purchase a new contract until 12 months after the end-of-sale date.
    2. SLA’s that have not been renewed or have lapsed after 12 months of the end-of-sale, are not renewable.

The iSCom’s commitment to customer satisfaction and end-of-life milestones are as shown in Table 1.


Download PDF of End-Of-Life Policy

[Last Update: April 6, 2020]