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Industrial 2-Port PoE Plus High Power Injector

The IPJ4G is an IEEE802.3at compliant device that acts as a high powered PoE injector. The device will not provide power until it has detected a valid PoE signature from the PoE devices attached downstream. This provides damage protection to non-PoE compliant equipment which may be connected to the Ethernet cable. This intelligent detection only allows IEEE 802.3at/802.3af compliant devices to be powered with the IPJ4G PoE Injector. Because of its 24~50Vdc input and 90 watt power output, the installer does not have to be concerned about voltage drops across long cable lengths.

Note: The equipment being powered must be fully IEEE 802.3at/802.3af compliant in order for the power supply to be able to sense the PoE devices signature and apply power. Power is supplied on Ethernet pins 1/2 (V+) and 3/6 (V-).

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